Saturday, May 2, 2009

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I just bought a used laptop and its full of files, how and which can I delete?
So I bought a laptop today and the guy who owned it completely filled the c drive with folders inside of folders. Some of them seem important, but its hard to pick out which ones I actually need, I dont even know what half these programs are. But I dont want to end up deleting something and not being able to use the computer. Is there a way to just completely delete everything that isnt necessary and start over with a fresh clean windows vista??

Additional Details
I dont have an installation disc my computer came with windows already installed.
1 month ago

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Uninstall programs that you don't need through the Control Panel, and always choose to Completely Uninstall so it will automatically remove all the related files and folders. With regards to the personal files of the previous owner, just empty the My Document Files (Videos, Music Pictures and Document Folders). These folders are basically non system files. Music and video files can also be directly deleted from Windows Media Player Library, by opting to delete completely from computer.That's the safest thing I can do, when you can't opt for OS reformat. Good luck!
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