Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do I buy an item on Ebay?

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How do I buy an item on Ebay?
I found item I want, now I guess the dumb question is, if I want it, just enter the minimum bid and wait? Not that I forsee it but can I withdraw my bid at some point?

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Well, first thing first --- create an ebay account.
Search for the item you'd like to buy or bid.
You can directly by an item if it has the "Buy Now" bottom.
You need to bid on an item when it displays a "Minimum Bid" amount.
Tip: do not right away bid at a higher amount when the bidding end date is still far; this is to control the end bid at a lower price, unless, you want to secure your bid to get the item.
I haven't tried withdrawing a bid, but I'm sure you'll get a bad rating if you don't pursue or buy your item if you won the bid. I have tried though, to contact the seller days before the end date and informed him that I cant continue bidding and ask for an apology. He acknowledge and accepted my reasons and just relist the item again for bidding, without giving me a bad rating.

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