Friday, March 6, 2009

How to Reduce File Size of Picture/Image files (Bitmap & PNG file types) Without Reducing Image Size:

Reducing file size of pictures/image files is needed in uploading activities that require file size limits and even when saving downloaded pictures/images from High resolution digital cameras.

First, determine your picture/image file type – Bitmap (.bmp) & PNG (.png). You can verify this by browsing to your picture/photo files. If your default files do not show the .bmp, .jpg or .png strings as shown in the sample below,

(click image to magnify)

then, do the following:

a. Right-Click the file and Left-Click to choose Properties.
b. Check the file type as shown below:

(click image to magnigfy)

Reducing File Type Size without Reducing the Image Size:

a. Right-Click the file, go to Open With option, Left-Click to choose Paint (see sample below).

(click image to magnify)

b. In Paint environment: click File at Menu Tab --> click Save As –> Choose “JPEG” at the “Saves As Type” drop down list –> browse the location to save the reduce file – Click Save (see sample below) .

(click image to magnify)

Take note that the above steps is only to reduce file size by converting .bmp and .png files to .jpg file type, without reducing the image size.  If your image/photo size is too big, then, you might as well just reduce the image/photo size first, before reducing the file size as described in the above procedure.

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