Sunday, May 3, 2009

How do I add pictures on facebook to my profile pictures?

To add pictures to your Facebook Profile Pictures:
From Facebook "Home" page...
1. Click your profile picture.
2. Click "View Photos of Me" located just below your profile picture.
3. Browse down to the bottom of page and click "Profile Pictures"
4. Click "Change Profile Picture" (don't worry, it won't delete your existing profile picture).
5. Browse down and click "Browse" tab at the Upload Picture section.
6. Locate the photo you want to add; then, check box for "I certify that I have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Use."
7. Click "Upload Picture" tab. It automatically make the newly uploaded picture your profile picture.
8. In the "Your picture has been uploaded successfully" box, click "Profile Pictures" Album. Then your profile pictures will show. From there, you can choose back your old profile picture.

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